Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal has a strategy to promote and support tourism in rural areas to uplift the livelihood status of the local people of that area. We believe that tourism is the route to macro-economic growth of the rural people, as it is one of the components of the Rural Development.

To improve the livelihoods of the people of the rural area especially of mountains across the country by increasing tourism activities and products, generating employment in rural areas enhancing the inclusiveness of women and other deprived communities and spreading the impacts of tourism in enriching livelihood to the grassroots level.

We believe that our efforts for introducing new tourism destinations and products can certainly help Nepal’s Tourism Industry and help creating sustainable livelihood for the local communities through Tourism Development. So our focus is always for community involvement and community benefits.

Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal is focused on following activities to relate tourism for livelihood sustainability.

  • Promoting Home Stay.
  • Conducting various skill trainings for local Villagers.
  • Promoting local products and production.
  • Discovering and promoting new trails.
  • Training to tour guides and other related staffs.