Health & Nutrition

Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal’s Health and Nutrition program is being implemented through Necha Community Hospital in Necha Solukhumbu since eleven years. We provide services for mothers, newborns and children and rural underprivileged people through community and health facilities that work to improve quality and access through programming and advocacy through community participation.

Necha village is located on the foothills of Mt. Everest and is regarded as one of the most isolated area in Nepal. Before the hospital was established the 50,000 people living in and around Necha had to walk for more than a day to reach a health center.

We use a comprehensive, house-hold based approach to improve access to and consumption of nutritious foods in areas with very poor nutrition indicators. We provide reproductive health education and knowledge on hygiene and sanitation. Engaging with local community, we work to create demand for care through community mobilization using existing community based structure.

Maternal and Newborn Health
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
Nutrition and Child Health
Training for FCHV
Health Camps