Girls Education Support Program (Ongoing)

Girls Education Support program is implemented by Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal in ten Villages of Three Districts Solukhumbhu,Okhaldunga and Khotang .This program will benefit around 300 girls by supporting them in education throughout the year .This program is supported by Sukhi Home and others individual donors. This runs throughout the year 2016 and more upon availability of funds.

Water and Sanitation (Ongoing)

Water and sanitation project is being implemented In Necha Community Hospital, Necha, Solukhumbhu. This project is supported by Unica Foundation, The Netherlands. This project will be accomplished with in the last of June, 2016.

New Building at NCH: (Ongoing)

New Ward Building at Necha Community Hospital is being constructed in Necha Community Hospital Area. The newly building consists of eight Rooms for male and female ward .We hope it will serve as a milestone in Health Care of the patients. This project is supported by Serena Barat Foundation, The Netherlands. We are hopeful this will be completed within November 2016.