Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal is committed to a holistic and humanistic vision of quality education in rural Nepal, supporting in everyone’s right to education, and the belief that education plays a fundamental role in human, social and economic development to achieve her/his dreams transforming as responsible citizens to be role model for change.

Every child has right to education. Within our course of working, we have come to understand the challenges and barriers faced by the community. AHF Nepal works with financially struggling family, dedicated and hardworking students to improve access and quality of education for young people. We plan to spread a message that financial hardship must not be a barrier for a student to pursue his studies and contribute back to the society.

The Foundation in coordination with government and other related stakeholders work for education creating centers of excellence in rural Nepal by working with school management committee, teachers and the community to transform existing schools.

This year we are focused on the following in education sector program.

  • Girls Education Support Program.
  • Teacher Training Program.
  • Encourage Critical Thinking in Class room.
  • Promotion of Gender Sensitive Schools.
  • Upgrading of need base infrastructures.
  • Scholarships for disabled and deserving students.